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We promise to give our best and personal service to each family that entrust their love one with us.

We promise your loved one will be cared for in the most dignified and honorable way as they deserve.

We promise to assemble the most trained and competent staff in the nation.

We promise to use only the very best products with unbeatable quality and price.

We promise to have the best state of the art facility.

We promise to only transport your love one and your family in the best and well maintained vehicles.

We promise if you entrust your loved one to Memories Funeral Home, you can rest assured you have made the right choice.







Make Our Funeral Home Your First Choice

"People cherish the little things; like pictures, videos, family, and most of all the memories"


Have you recently had a friend or family member pass? Pay your final respects to loved ones with memorial, burial, and cremation services from our compassionate funeral home in Rochester, New York. Memories Funeral Home provides soulful funeral, memorial, and cremation services so that you, your friends, and your family can remember a lost loved one and be happy that he or she is in a better place. Contact our funeral home today to discuss our wide range of services and the corresponding prices.Unlike many funeral homes, we do not expect payment at the initial arrangement conference. We feel that the initial meeting is to get you aquainted with the funeral home and to go over all the options before a purchase is made.

Our sympathetic staff members coordinate the funeral services for you, and provide transportation for your immediate family. We also help organize transportation to and from the church to the cemetery. During the service, you can listen to musicians or pre-recorded music playing your loved ones favorite songs. After-care services are also available to help you through this difficult time in your life.


Cremation Services
As with our funeral services, we provide quick transportation to the funeral home and the crematorium. We also include all necessary legal authorizations, as well as custom-designed and in-stock urns for your choosing.

Our Commitment
It should be noted that the funeral directors at Memories Funeral Home have had specialized education in funeral and memorial services, and are able to provide each and every family with exceptional service. We hope that you're satisfied with our professional staff, services, merchandise, and facilities. We plan on quality, memorable services that are not forgotten for years to come. Please feel free to call upon our funeral home anytime.


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(877) 613-9973 or (585) 544-4929





2006 Graduate of Simmons Institute of Funeral Service with

Top Merit Awards in Embalming & Restorative Art

#1 Funeral Director in Major Restorations & Trauma Repair


"If  Shawn can't fix it, no one can!!!"



We believe in open casket viewing for most cases,

We believe that viewing your loved one and having a

celebration of life brings reality to the death

and helps start the healing process...











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