Terry Powell

Terry Arlita Powell Was born on November 16, 1961 in Chattanooga Tennessee to her loving parents Barbara and Joe Powell.She was affectionately know as "Ma", "Ms.Tee", "Aunt tee", and TP to those that knew and loved her.

Her formative education was in Staten Island Ny. Terry had a love for shopping and she showed great interest in track, ballet, tennis and karate where she achieved her green belt. In 1976 she attended a special tennis workshop with Arthur Ashe in Washington D.C. Terry was a very compassionate lady who had a very big heart, she never hesitated to help those in need and she saw the good in everybody Terry loved being around people. In a few words family and people described her as strong willed, Kind, understanding, genuine, very funny and down to earth. The family can go on and on about our beloved Terry.ยป(Do not delete this line. It does not print. Text that is to appear on web must be entered before this line)